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D Licence – Dealers licence

C Endorsement – Restricted Weapons Pistols can also be held on the C endorsement instead of the B. Common special reasons include:

    Collecting (must provide evidence in the form of books, club membership, collection of A type firearms), Museum curator, Family heirlooms and Theatrical.
    C category firearms must be stored in an inoperable condition
    Can never be used with live ammunition, but blanks are allowed for movie making and re-enacting
    Can only be taken to an approved display venue, re-enactment event or to another collector for sale.

D Licence – Dealers licence

For those that make an income from firearms. To sell restricted weapons the dealer also needs to have the appropriate endorsements.

    Renewed annually
    Further security requirements
    Must maintain a record (usually a book or register) of firearm purchases and sales.
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